We Offer the following Services:

energy audit services

Thermal and Electrical Energy Audits

At Energy Advisory, we endeavor to show and guide you through your energy losses. Our services are geared  towards the exposure of key energy consumption areas that require organizational focus in order to reduce costs and enhance efficiency while maintaining environmental friendliness.

Our tasks in this area include :

  • Specific Energy Consumption
  • Performance of Major equipment
  • Study of processes and operations
  • Identification of Potential Areas
  • Energy Audit Report
  • Power point presentation of energy findings to customers
  • Suggesting of Energy Efficient Equipment Vendors
  • Drafting of Energy Policies for our customers
Total Energy analysis and management

Total Energy Analysis and Management

We offer comprehensive services under Energy Analysis and Management which include:

  • Complete health check for all forms of Energy Systems
  • Idea Generation Campaigns
  • Provision of Energy Monitoring and Verifications System
  • Provision of technical assistance during implementation of various suggestions
  • Suggesting of Energy Efficient Equipment Vendors
  • Drafting of Energy Policies for our customers
Renewable Energy Consultancy-Service

Renewable Energy Consulting

We offer technical advice on green energy options, helping our clients to determine the viability of their renewable energy option. Our services here cover in-depth financial and technical breakdown on energy efficiency in buildings, energy efficient building designs as well as eco-friendly building fixtures.

In addition we evaluate your Greenhouse gas emission levels and offer cost effective solutions to lower them.

Energy Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and Verification

The development of standard procedures for measurement and verification (M&V) of savings is an important task for reducing energy use for a business and the nation at large. Good measurement practices and verifiability are some of the important elements in identifying the Energy Management Opportunities (EMOs) in a firm.

We therefore endeavor to develop for our clients a standard guide of operation to help them reduce their costs of energy. Our commitment is to guide our clients in such a way that they identify and implement Energy Management Opportunities that reduce their operational costs while maintaining maximum productivity. We detail the project implementation risks for our clients, elaborate on the risk management and ensure a smooth implementation of our recommendations.

energy policy

Energy Policy Drafting

An Energy Policy at the company level is a good proactive action to institutionalize energy management processes in a facility. An energy policy ensures commitment from the management to budgetary allocation for energy management initiatives; this can improve energy performance and boost productivity.

It also demonstrates administrative and legal compliance with respect to new Energy Management 2011 ERC regulations.

A good corporate energy policy sets the standards for taking action. It establishes clear roles, accountabilities and investment criteria for energy efficiency initiatives.

At Energy Advisory we assist our clients in drafting energy policies which will help the company in realizing the fruits of implementing the EMOs.

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