Where Is My Energy Going

Ever wonder why your energy bill is so high? Do you know where your energy is going? More importantly, do you know what to do to lower your energy bills? The first step in taking control of your energy use and lowering your energy bills is to identify areas of energy waste and opportunities to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Energy-audit-2Using specially designed equipment, our certified energy auditors can perform a comprehensive energy audit that will tell you where and how energy is being wasted, and where the greatest opportunities are to increase the energy efficiency of your facility and lower your energy bills.

Energy Audits

Our energy experts offer a variety of green energy assessments. We would be delighted to discuss these with you further when you book your energy audit with us today.

Our energy assessment and audit services include:

  • Targeted recommendations reports, detailing cost-effective measures which can improve facility’s energy performance.
  • Energy usage auditing and analysis
  • Expert advice on improvements to the energy efficiency of properties in relation to the Government’s Green Deal
  • Expert advice on proper insultion to prevent heat loss in boilers, hot water systems and so on.
  • Actionable proposals outlining the benefits of renewable heating technologies
  • Heating requirement and performance audits, encompassing a review of boiler efficiency, size and recommendations for improvement or replacement, for example, biomass or ground-source heat pump systems.
  • Renewable energy systems and site suitability assessments.
  • Insulation jackets on gate valves and flanges can be a source of saving
  • Use Insulation Fibers to conserve heat energy and thus save on heating costs
go green

Going Green means making more environmentally friendly decisions such as to “reduce, reuse and recycle.”. There are many ways you can save money by going green eg:

  • Capturing Rain Water: This can help you reduce you water bills and water pumping energy bills
  • Using Solar Panels: Solar energy is great at reducing your lighting and water heating costs
  • Use of Bio Gas : As a renewable energy source, Bio gas can save you on cooking gas costs
  • Energy Friendly Practises: Turning of uneeded lights, Switching of Computers at night, buying energy efficient products etc will save on energy costs

Having an energy policy means having the senior management team write a statement (policy) that shows how committed they are in ensuring proper management of energy the impact it has on the environment.

The processes are then established and the tasks used to identify and implement specific projects that help save energy.

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